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Processing Day on the Homestead

Earlier this spring I hatched out twelve chicks. Unfortunately two were lost to a feral cat, and of the ten remaining, seven were cockerels! We opted to keep two of them, a pure bred blue cooper Marans, and the offspring of my sweet Betty… Continue Reading “Processing Day on the Homestead”

My New Chicken Coop: Cluck Mansion

I acquired my first flock (four chickens) and a classic style 4’x6′ Amish built chicken coop that I bought off of Facebook Market Place in the spring of 2018. We ended up moving to a neighboring state and brought the coop and chickens with… Continue Reading “My New Chicken Coop: Cluck Mansion”

Chicken Feet Stock and the Benefits of Collagen

I know when you hear the words “chicken feet,” your first thought is probably far from “delicious stock,” but not only is stock made with chicken feet delicious, it is also incredibly healthy. Chicken stock made from chicken feet is rich in a radically… Continue Reading “Chicken Feet Stock and the Benefits of Collagen”

Raising and Processing Cornish Cross Meat Chickens

My family and I, and by family I mean mostly me, had thought about raising meat chickens for a few years, ever since we started with our laying flock. I never love the chicken we get from grocery stores. The quality is lacking, and… Continue Reading “Raising and Processing Cornish Cross Meat Chickens”

Goldenrod Honey

Fall is quickly approaching, only a mere ten days away! The days are quickly becoming shorter and the nights just a touch cooler. If you walk close to our beehives, they are swarming with activity. Bees are always working hard to store their food… Continue Reading “Goldenrod Honey”

Using Coffee Grounds as Chicken Coop Bedding

A discussion about why I love using coffee grounds as chicken coop litter and how I’ve started obtaining and processing my own coffee grounds for free.

A Protein, Fat, and Cost Calculator for Homemade Chicken Feed

To save time in scrolling you can click HERE to check out the calculator, but I encourage you to read this page at least once. This is a link to Google Spreadsheet. You cannot edit it as is, but you can download it as… Continue Reading “A Protein, Fat, and Cost Calculator for Homemade Chicken Feed”

How to Store Fresh Farm Eggs

I sell the occasional carton of eggs, and a frequent question I receive regarding my eggs is about refrigeration. Should you refrigerate farm eggs? I’m going to address that for you today. Here’s the Short Answer: This post will go into some detail, with… Continue Reading “How to Store Fresh Farm Eggs”

Chickens: Why deep-litter composting doesn’t work (for me) and benefits of using a dropping board

When I first obtained chickens, I had four: three hens and a rooster. I eagerly scoured the internet and library reference books in an effort to learn everything I could about chickens. I want the very best for my birds! In terms of coop… Continue Reading “Chickens: Why deep-litter composting doesn’t work (for me) and benefits of using a dropping board”