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Chicken Feet Stock and the Benefits of Collagen

I know when you hear the words “chicken feet,” your first thought is probably far from “delicious stock,” but not only is stock made with chicken feet delicious, it is also incredibly healthy. Chicken stock made from chicken feet is rich in a radically… Continue Reading “Chicken Feet Stock and the Benefits of Collagen”

Goldenrod Honey

Fall is quickly approaching, only a mere ten days away! The days are quickly becoming shorter and the nights just a touch cooler. If you walk close to our beehives, they are swarming with activity. Bees are always working hard to store their food… Continue Reading “Goldenrod Honey”

Making a Sourdough Starter and Baking Your First Loaf of Sourdough

With the advent of Covid-19 there’s been a shortage of yeast and a rise of folks asking for sourdough starter. My Facebook feed has been awash with posts regarding sourdough, and thus far I’ve mailed starter to one person, and have had two others… Continue Reading “Making a Sourdough Starter and Baking Your First Loaf of Sourdough”

Preparing Your Pantry and Meals in an Emergency

During this time of uncertainty, it has became clear than many of us are unprepared for an emergency. Many of us have simply never had to be prepared. As current events unfold, I have watched as people have flocked to stores to stock up… Continue Reading “Preparing Your Pantry and Meals in an Emergency”

Fermenting Your Own Ginger Ale with Wild Yeasts

I know lengthy recipe posts can be a droll, but if you’ve never made your own fermented beverage, it is essential to know a little before you get started! This post is for the beginner and I hope you enjoy! Before Co2 carbonation, the… Continue Reading “Fermenting Your Own Ginger Ale with Wild Yeasts”