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Name Change and Goals for 2021

Yesterday, December 21st, we had a small Winter Solstice celebration. On Sunday I assembled a “Hunter’s Pie” (AKA Shepherd’s Pie featuring venison in place of lamb) so on Monday I could come home and simply pop dinner in the oven. There was some buttered… Continue Reading “Name Change and Goals for 2021”

A Protein, Fat, and Cost Calculator for Homemade Chicken Feed

To save time in scrolling you can click HERE to check out the calculator, but I encourage you to read this page at least once. This is a link to Google Spreadsheet. You cannot edit it as is, but you can download it as… Continue Reading “A Protein, Fat, and Cost Calculator for Homemade Chicken Feed”

Preparing Your Pantry and Meals in an Emergency

During this time of uncertainty, it has became clear than many of us are unprepared for an emergency. Many of us have simply never had to be prepared. As current events unfold, I have watched as people have flocked to stores to stock up… Continue Reading “Preparing Your Pantry and Meals in an Emergency”

Fermenting Your Own Ginger Ale with Wild Yeasts

I know lengthy recipe posts can be a droll, but if you’ve never made your own fermented beverage, it is essential to know a little before you get started! This post is for the beginner and I hope you enjoy! Before Co2 carbonation, the… Continue Reading “Fermenting Your Own Ginger Ale with Wild Yeasts”

How to Store Fresh Farm Eggs

I sell the occasional carton of eggs, and a frequent question I receive regarding my eggs is about refrigeration. Should you refrigerate farm eggs? I’m going to address that for you today. Here’s the Short Answer: This post will go into some detail, with… Continue Reading “How to Store Fresh Farm Eggs”

Building a Green House and a Few Homesteading Book Recommendations

In December I finally nagged by boyfriend into helping me build a greenhouse. To start, I used the book Step-by-Step Projects for Self-Sufficiency: Grow Edibles * Raise Animals * Live Off the Grid * DIY. This book is fantastic! It has dozens of projects… Continue Reading “Building a Green House and a Few Homesteading Book Recommendations”

Welcome to Humble Hills Farm

Even in January, the homestead has a big to-do list! Here we are at the beginning of 2020. I will be honest in saying I have been working on this blog for sometime, and it has been an ongoing learning curve. I think all… Continue Reading “Welcome to Humble Hills Farm”